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Stunning pictures of the Kalakala By: Dennis Brockschmidt

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The Flying Bird takes one last flight
We say goodbye to the Kalakala
Update: January 22, 2015
Early this morning the Kalakala was slowly towed to a graving dock in Tacoma's Blair Waterway. The tow went by the numbers and she made it to the dock without any glitches. The graving dock doors were installed and the water slowly let out. Rev. Dr. Frances Lorenz of Tacoma’s Center for Spiritual Living performed a blessing and offered Karl Anderson 4 symbolic feathers. Everyone was offered a white feather to toss into the receding water. As the water receded from the graving dock, the Kalakala hit bottom. The expectation was that she would list and rest completely on her side. But the Kalakala doesn't do what's "Expected" of her, so she decided to die with dignity. As her hull hit the bottom of the graving dock her flat bottom kept her upright and proud. A pair of excavators pushed on her side to try and get her over but she wasn't having it. So as she is dimantled she will remain upright, and go out the same way she came into this world.

More to come...
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Thanks to The Tacoma News Tribune who shot video of the tow to the graving dock.
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