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Nine Baby Necessities New Parents Actually Need

Parenthood is an interesting journey and it’s quite exciting when you are approaching it for the first time. However, there’s that anxiety that creeps in when you aren’t sure as far as your readiness as an upcoming parent is concerned.

From antenatal clinics to preparing baby’s room, you have lots of activities to do in preparation for the arrival of the little angel. As such, it’s not uncommon to find new parents forgetting to buy essential baby stuff. Besides, considering that it’s a new experience for them, they might not know everything they need to have for the new baby.

Perhaps you are here because you are a new or upcoming new parent and you’d like to be perfect in your parenting journey right from the word go. Although there’s nothing like perfection in parenthood, there are some baby essentials that you should have.

1. Stroller

baby stroller

You’ll definitely need to move around with your baby and there’s no better way to offer your comfort while on regular errands than using a baby stroller. A stroller is a relatively small folding chair with wheels for holding a baby securely in a sitting position or moving him/her around.

When you are working indoors, a baby stroller comes in handy as it offers a comfortable and secure resting place for the baby. With your kid on it, you can perform your daily household activities smoothly without having to carry the child. Also, you won’t have to deal with his/her interruptive movements.

A quality baby stroller puts the safety of your baby first through its various advanced safety features. For instance, the lock restrains the wheels from moving when the stroller is supposed to be still. Another safety feature is a harness system which is designed to help your baby maintain a safe posture. Besides, the harness prevents the baby from falling off or when the stroller is riding on a bumpy road.

Another advantage of a baby stroller is that it is among the most durable childcare products. It may serve your first born, second born and even the third born. In addition helping you to handle your baby well as he/she grows up, a baby stroller is easy to use. When it’s not in use or want to transport it, just fold it and it’ll fit in your car’s trunk or closet.

2. Diapers


When you accept parenthood, expect to see and handle your baby’s poo and pee now and then, mostly during the infancy and early childhood stage. In fact, the baby is highly likely to use thousands of disposable diapers prior to potty training.   

As such, diapers are a must-have. You can choose from the wide range of diaper options, depending on your budget, the baby’s specific needs and your preferences, among other factors. There are two major types of diapers; the disposable ones and the cloth type.

Most people prefer disposable diapers because they seem easier to use and don’t require cleaning. Once they are messed up, you just dispose them. However, some people within the low-income bracket might find them quite expensive. As such, they use them once in a while. They instead use cloth diapers on a regular basis.

The modern cloth diapers aren’t as messy as people think of them. Their ease of use is almost as par with their disposable counterparts. The high-quality cloth diapers have snaps, smooth, high-tech fabrics and flushable liners for improved ease of use and the comfort of your little one.

Besides, cloth diapers are a better option as compared to their disposable counterparts because they:

  • Can minimize diaper rash
  • Contain less harmful chemicals
  • Are cheaper
  • Minimize landfill waste
  • Can be used for a longer time

Whether you opt to use cloth or disposable diapers, make sure that you have them in plenty. Otherwise, your baby will be feeling uncomfortable sitting poo and pee for extended hours. Besides, no one will want to handle a foul-smelling baby.

3. Diaper Pail


Once again, remember that your baby will poop a lot. Sometimes, you’ll have to change diapers thrice an hour. But where will you put the used disposable diapers? Stack them in a bag? Put them in your regular dust bin? Well, those aren’t the best options.

The used diapers are soiled. They can contaminate other things if they aren’t enclosed in a secure place. Worse still, the smell of a soiled diaper isn’t something you’d like to experience in your house. That’s where the importance of a diaper pail comes in.

In case you don’t know, a diaper pail is a special sealed trash can into which you can easily dispose the dirty disposable diapers. Another benefit of a diaper pail over regular garbage cans is that it doesn’t allow odors to escape. So even if you have it in your bedroom, you can hardly tell if there’s poo in there or not.

The odor locking and neutralization ability of a diaper pail allow you to store many diapers in the can. Therefore, with it, you don’t have to go out to throw a diaper every time your sweet baby makes a mess. As such, you can spend more time indoors bonding with the young angel.  

4. Crib


Your baby will spend a lot of his/her time sleeping, especially during the infancy stage. Ample sleep is very healthy for a child. However, for the child to achieve a healthy sleep pattern, a comfortable sleep environment is crucial. Unfortunately, your bed isn’t the best for your baby; it won’t be safe for the kid.

Various research studies show that babies who share beds with their parents are at high risk of entrapment or suffocation. So, if you want the best for him/her, ensure that he/she sleeps separately in a safe place according to his/her needs.

 A crib is the safest sleeping for your baby. While some parents feel that a crib prevents them from bonding with their babies, it doesn’t. Once the baby comes, put his/her crib near your bed in your bedroom.

Your night-time breastfeeding will definitely be easy when the child is sleeping on the crib and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that he/she is safe. Additionally, the sleeping pattern minimizes the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) risk.

5. Car seat

car seat

You have many days of fun-fulfilled adventures and road trips with your little one. As you look forward to those awesome moments, it’s essential to know that your baby’s body is different from yours. It is more delicate. Those bumpy roads and hard impacts might not go well with him/her if he/she isn’t cushioned from them.

As such, you have to ensure that the baby is correctly restrained in his/her car seat every time she’s traveling by car until she turns three years old.

Once he/she outgrows the seat, replace it with a booster seat. As a parent, the safety of your child should come first. So buying these items is the least you can do to see the child live a happy and safe life. While shopping for a car seat for your baby, ensure that you choose the one that suits his/her age, size and weight. Otherwise, the child might not get the intended value from it.  

6. Playpen


Your little one will soon start crawl and walk. This is the time that these innocent angels want to explore anything and everything. One time they are trying to crumble the water dispenser and the next time they are biting dog’s tail.

If you have some work to do, you might end up not doing it as you’ll spend the better part of the day restraining them from reaching hazardous things. But with a playpen, you are relieved of all that hassle, and your child will be active, safe, and happy.

A playpen provides your baby with a localized and secure place to play and can serve as toy storage. Some playpens have arches where you can hang the child’s toys for improved safety.

Besides being a play centre, the child can also nap in it. It’s also a suitable place for a diaper change.

7. Highchair


A baby highchair is a crucial necessity, particularly during the early parenting stage. That’s the time when your child will be spending a significant amount of his/her time sitting. It’s specifically suitable for infants who are within the ages of four to six months.

With soft cushions and infant-friendly inclination, the chair will be very comfortable for your little baby. Better still, the adjustable features make it quite flexible for additional child’s comfort and safety.

The chair will be comfortable even at a stage where your child can’t sit straight because you can recline it to any position of their comfort. The baby will enjoy their sitting position as you work on other chores in your house.

Besides kid’s comfort and allowing you to do your chores without worries about the safety of your child, the high chair also influences the infant’s social upbringing. When your child is sitting on the chair, they can easily observe what’s going on in their environment. For instance, they can see how people eat, walk, relate and talk, among other lessons.

And because at that age they are very receptive to what they see, they’ll be able to learn and develop social behaviors quickly. Also, the chair trains your child to be independent.

8. Babyproof products

Your baby will at some point want to be all over your house, exploring and learning his/her new environment. Unfortunately, there are many things that might harm them along the way.

As the caring parent you are, you need to ensure that the baby is secure, happy and healthy. You can’t afford to ignore baby proof products such as doorway gate, window guard, cabinet lock as well as corner and edge guards, among others.  

Doorway gate

A doorway gate is placed at a doorway to prevent a child from going past the area. The child can’t get through the gate but you, older children or caregiver can go past it easily. Don’t worry that your child might climb over- it is too high for him/her.

 Window guard

If your house has double-hung, sliding or casement windows, there’s a likelihood that at one time your child might want to go through it. This is a risky exploration as chances of him or her falling off are quite high.

Window guard

However, with window guards on your windows, you rest assured that the baby can’t fall off from the windows. If an emergency situation occurs and you need to access the window space, just press the window guard’s release button and it’ll detach from the window frames. 

Edge and Corner guards

Most likely, your tables and furnishings have sharp edges and corners which might hurt your baby. For the safety of the little soul, you need to buy and install the appropriate edge and corner guards. Unlike the bare furnishings and tables, the guards have smooth edges that are easy on your baby’s hands.

Cabinet lock

You have potentially harmful items in your house, don’t you? It will be very risky for your child if they’ll be within his/her reach while playing. Therefore, it is imperative to have them locked up in a place where the child can’t reach them. Preferably, put them in cabinet. And to ensure that the child won’t be able to open the cabinet, ensure that it has a strong lock. 

9. Bottle warmer


Your baby will get hungry now and then. You’ll need to have some warm milk or water on standby when he or she is not breastfeeding. But it’ll be very hectic if you’ll have kept on heating baby’s milk using a microwave or a stove.

That’s because you need to keep an eye on the temperature to ensure that the milk isn’t too cold or hot for the child. Another drawback of heating milk using a microwave or a stove is that the milk loses some nutrients.

On the other hand, a bottle warmer maintains bottle’s milk at a constant temperature. Therefore, it’s more convenient to use. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause any milk nutritional loss.

Those are some of the basic items that any new caring parent should have for their babies. If you are new in parenthood, ensure that you have at least the majority of them, if not all.


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